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chenguskhan: Let me reword that xD I need an idea to draw out because I can't make anything up on my own. Please give me one? owo Absurdness is not a factor. I will draw. Anything.

o0o0o0o0 my mistake hmmm oh! Animal Crossing! Reese and Cyrus! Idk why i just love those two!

chenguskhan: So I'm trying to broaden my drawing horizons and was wondering if you would have a suggestion? I'll make it just for you ^w^ Honestly I feel weird for doing this u.u Basically. LET ME DRAW YOU SOMETHIIING

WHOA WHOA WHOA! DRAW ME SOMETHING!? omigosh! /).(\ the best advice I can give you dear is layer and blend out how you want your horizon to look like! I’m not so good with horizons myself sadly u.u but if you want the best you can always look on youtube or look up references! ^^ I hope this helps /).(\